About Sprouted Paper Co

A Sprout of an Idea...


'Sprouted Paper Co' very well "sprouted" after a long drought of feeling lost, uninspired, and feeling beat from the economic recession drying up my hopes of finding a stable corporate career as a new university grad. Being a creative at heart, I've always wanted to be able to create something of my own to share and leave my mark on with the world. After dabbling in short ventures in clay work, watercolouring, and handlettering, I figured why not give it a go at learning how to digitalize my hand drawn creations. So I signed up for a Skillshare course, learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, and transformed my hand drawn doodles into digitalized illustrations. A new world of creativity opened up for me and my excitement and determination watered and fostered this freshly formed sprout of an idea.

Sprouted is a reminder to myself that ideas and creativity can still emerge and sprout from deep beneath, even in the driest and darkest of times. I hope my creations and illustrations can reach out to others and leave a bit of happiness.