Oopsie Bundle - 5 Stickers/bag

Oopsie Bundle - 5 Stickers/bag

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Product Details:

These are oopsie stickers and contain flaws such as old sheet formats, not deep enough cut lines, too deep cut lines, printer quality not high, and/or other miscellaneous print errors. Please only purchase these bags if you are okay with this.

♡ Count: 1 bag with 5 oopsie stickers
Sheet size: Varies from 3.75" x 4.75" to 3.75" x 5.10" 
♡ These are kiss-cut sticker sheets and are ready to be peeled and used.

Please Note:

▷ Colours may vary from screen to screen.
▷ Oopsie bags are not an accurate representation of the quality produced by Sprouted Paper Co.

All designs are owned by ©SproutedPaperCo.

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